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Designer Italian Kitchen Range Hoods
Futuro Futuro Range Hoods made in Italy
  • 19″ Natalie Island Range Hood

    Kitchen ceiling mount range hood | Island range hood

    19″ Natalie Island Range Hood

    The 19 inch Natalie white range hood is a reliably durable appliance with user friendly features and an air of sophistication
    Sale $2,795.00
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  • 36″ Tactio Island Range Hood

    Superior ceiling mount range hood | Modern Italian ductless range hood

    36″ Tactio Island Range Hood

    The 36 inch Tactio suspended range hood is an appealing combination of brilliance, modern style, and durability
    Sale $2,995.00
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  • 24″ Arena Black Island Range Hood

    Ultra Hitech round kitchen range hood | 24 inch Arena Black Island range hood

    24″ Arena Black Island Range Hood

    Elegant and modern, the opulent 24 inch Arena Black range hood is the desirous combination of powerful and stylish.
    Sale $2,995.00
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  • 24″ Arena Copper Island Range Hood

    Copper + glass vent hood | Modern island range hood | black kitchen island ceiling mount range hood

    24″ Arena Copper Island Range Hood

    Add warmth and richness to your kitchen with the vividly lustrous 24 inch Arena Copper range hood.
    Sale $3,295.00
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  • 21″ Dome Iron Island Range Hood

    Kitchen lights island range hood | Under cabinet lightning island vent hood

    21″ Dome Iron Island Range Hood

    The industrial look of the 21″ Dome Iron suspended range hood can complement or create contrast in your kitchen while reliably maintaining a fresh atmosphere
    Sale $2,995.00
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  • 23″ Halo Island Range Hood

    Kitchen lights island range hood | Under cabinet lightning island vent hood

    23″ Halo Island Range Hood

    The 23 inch Halo white range hood beautifully illuminates your kitchen while consistently keeping your kitchen atmosphere fresh and clean.
    Sale $3,295.00
    SKU: IS23HALO-0
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Futuro Futuro - Kitchen Range Hoods

Designer Italian kitchen range hoods manufacturer.

—— Since 1980

Futuro Futuro – is the leading manufacturer of Italian Designer Kitchen Range Hoods. Vent hoods for all your needs at one place.

Futuro Futuro is an industry leader in designer Italian kitchen range hoods manufacturing, providing the best in air ventilation technology since 1980. With 35 years of exceptional design and production experience in Europe and North America, Futuro Futuro has been a consistent provider of top quality kitchen range hoods made for all types of kitchens and style preferences. Extending from compact, insert-cabinet range hoods built for smaller kitchens to expansive and luxurious island mount vent hoods, kitchen owners can find the exact range hood style and functionality they need within Futuro Futuro’s extensive product line.

Futuro Futuro combines fine Italian craftsmanship with the highest quality building materials, resulting in exquisite and durable designer range hoods that vary in size, mounting type, and aesthetic design. Crafted in Northern Italy using only top of the line materials such as corrosion resistant AISI 304 stainless steel and tempered glass, Futuro Futuro’s Italian range hoods come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles that afford your kitchen a striking ambience that is specific to your taste. These contemporary range hoods can withstand intense heat and daily wear, giving all Futuro Futuro range hoods a long lifespan and a better long term performance as compared to its competitors.

These powerful, modern range hood models boast innovative and exclusive state-of-the-art technology that provides quieter and more efficient smoke, steam, odor, and grease suction. In addition, these range hoods offer accessories to accommodate unique kitchen designs, and useful features that are thoroughly effective and are easy to use. Futuro Futuro also places special emphasis on environmental consciousness and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by taking steps to reduce waste and electricity usage, such as optimizing production facilities, developing innovative ventilation processes that require less electricity, and using environmentally friendly LED lights.

Finally, Futuro Futuro provides exceptional customer service through its direct distribution to customers, fast shipping times, and availability of technical experts who are happy to answer questions about purchasing, installing, and using your new vent hood. Since its inception, Futuro Futuro has been setting the standard for range hood and air ventilation technology. With more than 250 current models and new European range hood additions to the product line every year, residential kitchen owners are sure to find the perfect blend of function and beauty at Futuro Futuro.

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