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Black Range Hoods

Futuro Futuro offers a selection of black range hoods, ranging from modern to traditional, including several designs from the award-winning “Murano Collection” series. Call us at 800-230-3565!

About Black Range Hoods

Black Range Hoods

Black stoves and black ranges are an ideal choice for a country-style or a modern-rustic kitchen, but many modern kitchen designers incorporate them as well. When framed by white or light-colored cabinets, a black range makes a design statement that’s hard to ignore.

Of course, the ideal complement to a black stove is a black range hood, or a stainless steel hood with black accents or design elements. Futuro Futuro offers a selection of black range hoods, ranging from modern to traditional, including several designs from the award-winning “Murano Collection” series.

Unlike boring refrigerators and stolid dishwashers, the range hood is the one appliance that offers an amazing range of designs. From the subtle to the dramatic to the outlandish, the black range hood models in Futuro Futuro’s collection, give the kitchen designer incredible options.

Contemporary Black Range Hoods

The “Lombardy” model, available in 24-inch and 36-inch widths, in island-mount as well as wall-mount versions, is a contemporary ventilation hood that’s perfect for large open kitchens. Wrapped in jet-black tempered glass, this cubist range hood definitely stands out.

The “Pearl” model, available in a 26-inch wall-mount version and a 30-inch island-mount version, takes a radically different approach. Its black-glass curved “petals” are wrapped around the body, and illuminated from the inside, creating an interplay of light, reflection, and black glass. It’s elegant, it’s stunning, and it’s completely unlike anything else.

Angled Black Range Hoods

When the contemporary design calls for something really out of the ordinary, why not try an angled range hood? Our “Black Diamond”, “Quest”, and “Gullwing” models offer “a different angle” on using black glass as part of kitchen design. The “Gullwing” even has a motorized panel that gracefully opens as soon as you turn on the blower, and closes when the hood is not in use.

Illuminated Glass Black Range Hoods

Blurring the lines between appliance, lighting fixture, and art object, the black-accented models from the “Murano Collection” also make excellent additions to any kitchen style. The “Metro” and “New York” models feature an abstract skyline that brings the excitement of big-city nightlife to your kitchen. The “Echo” model has a sequence of curved white lines on a black background, giving it a sophisticated yet playful look. The “Motion” model has multiple distressed thin black lines, that blur together at a distance, yet close up, resolve into a pattern. For the fans of the dramatic, there’s the “Zebra” model, with a stark zebra pattern that’s in a class of its own.

High Quality Black Range Hoods

Of course, a great product is more than just great looks. All Futuro Futuro range hoods are made in Italy, using only the highest quality materials, and showcase the company’s 30+ years of experience in building kitchen ventilation solutions that impress and inspire. Futuro Futuro ventilation hoods feature a whisper-quiet tangential blower, dishwasher-safe filters, and touch-sensitive electronic controls with multiple speeds, filter cleaning alert, and other convenient functions.

To accommodate a variety installation situations, we offer a selection of optional accessories. Extensions are available for tall ceilings, silencers and remote blower kits help make these already-quiet hoods even quieter, and wireless remote controls are available for the ultimate convenience.

Italian craftsmanship, highest-grade materials, 3-year manufacturer warranty, a selection of unique and exciting designs, and flexible installation options – these factors make Futuro Futuro black range hoods the perfect choice for the modern luxury kitchen.

Find The Perfect Black Range Hood

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