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Wood Range Hoods

To accommodate the needs of kitchen designs that call for a softer-than-modern look for the range hood, Futuro Futuro produces a line of wood-accented rustic-style hoods. Call us at 800-230-3565!

About Wood Range Hoods

Wood Range Hoods

Nothing completes a traditional or rustic-style kitchen like a range hood with a wood trim, but wooden accents can even add warmth and contrast to a traditional or modern kitchen. Whether harmoniously blending in with a wooden or butcher-block countertop, or contrasting with more modern materials such as concrete and glass, wood panels offer additional choices for many kitchen designers.

To accommodate the needs of kitchen designs that call for a softer-than-modern look for the range hood, Futuro Futuro produces a line of wood-accented rustic-style hoods. Inspired by the simple and practical lines of the New England architecture, these hoods are named after historic places in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine. The “Classic Collection” range hoods feature the same high-end materials and Italian craftsmanship as the rest of the Futuro Futuro modern range hood lineup, but with a focus on traditional / rustic design.

Custom Wood Range Hoods

The range hood bodies are manufactured from high-strength steel, and finished with a patented plastic-based powdercoat / enamel. The special coating has a semi-matte white finish, for a high-end look, and is completely resistant to grease, heat, and moisture.

In addition, it can be easily painted over, without having to use a primer, and without having to remove the coating down to the metal. Simply sand it lightly to assure paint adhesion, and customize the range hood to any color you desire. The wood frames and trim are made from solid wood (not veneer, MDF, or imitation plastic). They are provided unstained, and are ready to be painted, stained, or customized with carvings or inlays.

The customization options of the Futuro Futuro “Classic Collection” range hoods make them an excellent choice for kitchen designers and homeowners looking to have a completely custom-looking hood, but at a fraction of the time & cost that’s usually associated with having a hood manufactured “from scratch”.

Wood Range Hoods With Decorative Shelves

The “Boston”, “Bridgeport”, and “Cambridge” models feature a tapered body shape, with a wood-trimmed recessed accent shelf. The accent shelf offers additional customization options – it can be painted in a contrasting or complementing color, or used for displaying decorative items.

Chimney Style Traditional Hoods

The “Connecticut”, “Massachusetts”, and “Vermont” models feature an elegant convex body shape, with a sleek upper trim piece to delineate the chimney from the hood body. The difference between these 3 models is the lower (main) frame. The “Connecticut” model features a graceful frame with corbels, the “Massachusetts” has a puritan frame with an inner groove (perfect for inlaying tiles!), and the “Vermont” is equipped with a solid, blocky “log cabin” frame.

The frames are supplied unstained, so they’re ready to be painted or stained to match your cabinetry. They’re easily removable, and can even be custom-carved or replaced altogether, with a totally custom frame, made by your local contractor or cabinet maker.

Custom Wood Hoods With Range Hood Inserts

Another approach to making a custom wood hood is to use a “range hood insert” and have your local contractor or cabinet maker create a completely custom wood enclosure around it. An insert is a fully-featured hood, but in a compact formfactor and without the outer shell – designed to be installed inside a cabinet or a custom hood. Futuro Futuro offers a selection of insert-liner hoods, in sizes from 22-inch to 42-inch widths, to accommodate a variety of cooking equipment and cabinetry sizes.

With a completely custom wood hood, the possibilities are truly limitless. The overall style of the hood can be elegant, minimalist, traditional, or ostentatious. Panels and mouldings can help integrate the custom range hood into the overall kitchen design, and the surrounding cabinets. Inlays, onlays, custom carving and engraving, even embossing other materials into the wood surface to create a mosaic, are all available to make your new custom range hood as truly unique as your personality and style.

High Quality Wood Range Hoods

All Futuro Futuro range hoods, including the wood-trimmed ones, are made in Italy, using only the highest quality materials, and showcase the company’s 30+ years of experience in building kitchen ventilation solutions that are inspirational and impressive. Futuro Futuro ventilation hoods feature a whisper-quiet tangential blower, dishwasher-safe filters, and easy installation.

Ductless Wood Range Hoods

If the installation requirements prohibit using an outside duct, as is often the case in high-rise condominiums and co-op buildings, all Futuro Futuro range hoods can also be installed in “ductless” (also known as “recirculating”) mode. To do this, simply purchase the hood and at least 1 set of the compatible carbon filters, which are listed in the “Accessories” tab of each model.

In a ductless installation, the metal mesh filters capture the airborne grease particles, then the additional carbon filters absorb the odors, and finally, the scrubbed air is returned to the kitchen through the top of the chimney. Every 6-8 months (recommended), the carbon filters should be replaced, after they absorb as many odor particles as they can.

Whenever possible, however, any range hood should be ducted to the outside, since a ducted installation does not involve carbon filters and will thus offer better airflow performance and lower noise, as well as avoiding the recurring expense of replacement carbon filters. Still, a ductless range hood is better than no hood at all.

To accommodate a variety installation situations, we offer a selection of optional accessories. Extensions are available for tall ceilings, silencers and remote blower kits help make these already-quiet hoods even quieter, and wireless remote controls are available for the ultimate convenience.

Italian craftsmanship, highest-grade materials, 3-year manufacturer warranty, a selection of unique and exciting designs, and flexible installation options – these factors make Futuro Futuro wood range hoods the perfect choice for the modern luxury kitchen.

Finding The Perfect Wood Range Hood

Please feel free to browse our collection of glass range hoods, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our kitchen ventilation experts will be glad to help you find the right range hood that will fit your design needs, as well as properly accommodate your specific range or cooktop. Our Sales Department can be reached at (800) 230-3565 (US toll-free) or (718) 236-1570 (outside US), during normal business hours of Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM Eastern Time – or you can send us a message anytime, via our “Contact Us” page.

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