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Accessories for range hoods

Futuro Futuro offers a wide array of accessories to enhance the capabilities of your kitchen range hood, including chimney extensions and remote blower kits.

About Accessories for range hoods

Besides offering 200+ models of Italian crafted designer range hoods, Futuro Futuro also carries a full line of accessories to enhance the capabilities of your new range hood and provide alternative installation options.

Range hood extensions

Chimney extensions for range hoods allow you compensate for high or vaulted ceilings by extending the length of the chimney to meet your ceiling, allowing for the ideal placement of your new ventilation hood above your range. Most of Futuro Futuro’s island mount range hoods are designed for ceiling heights of 7.5 to 9.5 feet, and wall mount range hoods are designed to fit ceilings up to 9 feet high. For more spacious kitchens with taller ceilings, customers may choose to purchase the optional accessory extension, which adds up to two extra feet in length for both suspended range hoods and wall range hoods. For more unique spaces or ceilings above 11.5 feet, please contact our knowledgeable consultants who can offer more customized solutions.

Range hood filters

Futuro Futuro range hoods offer two types of filters: metal grease filters and charcoal recirculating filters. All Futuro Futuro exhaust hoods are equipped with dishwasher-safe metal filters which capture the airborne grease, and charcoal filters, which trap odors, can be added to almost any model. If your recirculating range hood cannot be ducted to the outside, charcoal filters are a great option to supplement the metal filters in order to keep your kitchen clean and fresh.

Metal grease filters

Metal filters should ideally be washed in the dishwasher every 2 weeks. To help make routine maintenance easier, Futuro Futuro’s unique range hoods are equipped with a filter cleaning reminder function, which alerts users that the filters should be placed in the dishwasher by flashing a red light on the control panel after 30 hours of usage. After the filters are clean, simply reset the 30 hour timer by pressing and holding the reminder button on the control panel for several seconds. Note that we do not recommend washing the metal mesh filters by hand since excess pressure or stiff brushes can warp or damage the mesh. Replacement metal filters are available for repurchase on Futuro Futuro’s website. As there are many models of metal filters, Futuro Futuro recommends contacting the Sales Department with your exact range hood model, approximate year of purchase, and measurements of the filter to guarantee a perfect match for your range hood.

Charcoal Filters (Recirculating, Ductless, Duct-Free)

Futuro Futuro recommends equipping ductless range hoods with charcoal filters that absorb odors and particles from the air. Unlike dishwasher safe metal filters that come with the majority of Futuro Futuro kitchen range hoods, carbon filters cannot be cleaned. After they become saturated with odor particles, they must be replaced. It is recommended to replace carbon filters every 6-8 months.

Range hood remote blower

While Futuro Futuro’s Italian range hoods are some of the quietest on the market, there are several accessories that silence any audible noise even futher. The Remote Blower Kit accessory allows customers to install the blower in a remote location, removing noise to a different part of the house. The Remote Blower Kit is compatible with the vast majority of our range hoods, and can be installed in any indoor location, such as an attic, garage, or crawlspace. Please note that the Remote Blower Kit accessory is an empty enclosure that’s meant to house the blower that is included with the range hood that you purchased.

Range hood silencer

Another popular accessory for sound reduction is the Silent System, or duct silencer. This item replaces the first section of ductwork (i.e. from the blower to the ceiling) with a specially designed insulated and sound-proof duct. Unlike the Remote Blower Kit, the duct silencer doesn’t require any additional installation space, so it’s an easy and inexpensive way to diminish noise without altering installation plans.

Light bulbs for range hoods

Replacement light bulbs for Futuro Futuro range hoods are also available for purchase on Futuro Futuro’s website, including LED upgrade kits for models currently equipped with incandescent light bulbs.

Customer support

For questions about replacement parts or solutions offered by Futuro Futuro’s many accessories, simply call 800-230-3565 (toll-free inside US) or 718-236-1570 (outside US), to speak to a knowledgeable consultant. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our Contact Us page, and we’ll be glad to assist with your design or installation challenge.

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