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White Range Hoods

Futuro Futuro has White Range Hoods – modern range hood designs in all white, or featuring white elements or patterns and integrate well with many colors of cabinetry, countertops, and other appliances. Call us at 800-230-3565!

About White Range Hoods

White Range Hoods

White appliances are a popular choice for many modern kitchen renovations. Since white is a neutral color, it balances well with almost any countertop and backsplash material, as well as white or light-colored cabinetry. The light-reflecting properties of white cabinets and white appliances, particularly large appliances such as refrigerators, can help make the kitchen space appear larger and more airy. With custom paneling and mouldings, you could even achieve a seamless transition between appliances and cabinetry, or between cabinetry and the ceiling.
To complement other white appliances, Futuro Futuro produces a selection of range hoods that are either mostly white, or feature white accents. All of our range hoods are made in Italy, from the highest-grade materials including AISI 304 stainless steel, and include a 3-year warranty.
The range hood is the one appliance that offers an incredible variety of design options – unlike the limited choices available for refrigerators and dishwashers, as an example. From subtle to dramatic, designer range hoods are available in an array of styles, giving the kitchen designer almost limitless options.
It’s not all about the looks, however. All Futuro Futuro range hoods are made in Italy, using only the highest quality materials, and showcase the company’s 30+ years of experience in building kitchen ventilation solutions that impress and inspire. Futuro Futuro ventilation hoods feature a whisper-quiet tangential blower, dishwasher-safe filters, and touch-sensitive electronic controls with multiple speeds, filter cleaning alert, and other convenient functions.
To accommodate a variety installation situations, we offer a selection of optional accessories. Extensions are available for tall ceilings, silencers and remote blower kits help make these already-quiet hoods even quieter, and wireless remote controls are available for the ultimate convenience.
Italian craftsmanship, highest-grade materials, 3-year manufacturer warranty, a selection of unique and exciting designs, and flexible installation options – these factors make Futuro Futuro white range hoods the perfect choice for the modern luxury kitchen.

White Glass Range Hoods

Futuro Futuro offers a selection of range hoods with pure-white glass paneling, that make the ideal finishing touch for any minimalist kitchen. The “Lombardy White”, “Gullwing White”, “Edge White”, and “Murano Snow” models feature glass-wrapped or glass-fronted bodies, with minimal stainless steel elements.

Designer White Range Hoods

Our collection of designer white range hoods includes the sleek 14-inch tubular “Jupiter White” model, the perfectly rectangular “Minimal White”, and the unique “Pearl White”, with back-lit glass “petals” that instantly attract attention. The “Luxor” model features frosted white glass, illuminated from within, for a more exciting look.

Angled White Range Hoods

Got a kitchen design that calls for something really out of the ordinary? Consider an angled range hood! The “Quest White” model, available in 36-inch and 48-inch wall-mount versions, provides a dramatic visual, keeps the space above the range uncluttered, and as a side benefit, doesn’t obstruct the rear burners.

Classic / Country-Style White Range Hoods

For the classic style or country-themed kitchens, Futuro Futuro has elegant solutions as well. The “Flora” model features a ceramic front and side panels with a “handcrafted” 3-dimensional floral accent, in red or green colors. For a more traditional look, there’s a lineup of chimney-style hoods named after various locations in New England, whose traditional architectural style has inspired designers even in far-away Italy. These classic-style range hoods are also extremely customizable – the hood body is finished in a semi-matte plastic-based enamel/powdercoat, which can be painted over without a primer, and the wood trim is supplied unstained, so you could easily stain it to match your cabinetry.

Finding The Ideal White Range Hood

Please feel free to browse our collection of white range hoods, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our kitchen ventilation experts will be glad to help you find the right range hood that will fit your design needs, as well as properly accommodate your specific range or cooktop. Our Sales Department can be reached at (800) 230-3565 (US toll-free) or (718) 236-1570 (outside US), during normal business hours of Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM Eastern Time – or you can send us a message anytime, via our “Contact Us” page.

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