Range Hood FAQ – Perimeter Suction System

What is the “Perimeter Suction System”?

The Perimeter Suction System is an evolution in kitchen range hood filter design. Air is drawn into the range hood through “collector slots” around the central deflector panel, creating an “air curtain” effect. By shaping the airflow, a perimeter suction hood offers improved overall performance, as well as increased suction at the sides of the unit, compared to traditional mesh filters, where most of the suction is concentrated in the center and drops off rapidly toward the sides.

What are the advantages of this system?

  • Improved suction performance, especially at the edges.
  • Appearance – by concealing the grease-collecting filter behind the deflector panel, a sleeker and more modern look is achieved.
  • Easy cleaning – the deflector panel is smooth and easy to clean.
  • Sound reduction – the inside of the deflector panel is lined with a special material that absorbs the blower noise. This makes range hoods outfitted with the Perimeter Suction System approximately 20% quieter.
  • (Additional noise reduction can be achieved by using the optional accessories “Silent System” and “Remote Blower Kit”.)

Which models are equipped with this system?

There are over 110 models of Futuro Futuro range hoods that feature this innovation, including island-mount and wall-mount models. Check out the links below to see the entire selection.

Perimeter Suction – highly effective, advanced kitchen ventilation technology

Futuro Futuro “Capri” range hood

Perimeter Suction technology allows the creation of ultra-sleek, futuristic kitchen ventilation products, by providing more effective suction performance without having to build out a gigantic range hood body.

Futuro Futuro “Quest” range hood

The grease-capturing mesh filters are concealed behind the deflector panel – it’s shown open to display the filters, but closed during daily operation.

The consideration of concealing the grease filters is especially important in range hood models where the working surface is exposed to the room – diagonal models such as the Capri, Quest, Diamond, and others.

Futuro Futuro “Luxor” range hood

By separating the appearance and the function into 2 distinct layers, the Perimeter Suction technology allows our designers much greater freedom to experiment with uncommon materials and approaches.

The “Luxor” series range hoods feature an all-glass body, with detachable glass deflector panels underneath. The entire hood body lights up, creating a floating “cloud of light” above the cooktop.

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