Range Hood FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering & Shipping

  1. I just placed an order. When will I receive my unit?
    • All Items that are in stock are shipped out on the same business day if payment is received before 2pm Eastern Time.
    • We will provide you with a tracking number by e-mail.
  2. What methods of payment do you accept?
    • Online/phone orders: all major credit & debit cards bearing the logo of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
    • Online only: Google Checkout and PayPal.
    • Mail Order: Checks and USPS Money Orders.
  3. Can I pick my item up locally?
    • Yes, pick ups are welcome from our facility.
    • There are no additional charges for picking your item up.
    • Please contact us prior to visit, to confirm stock availability & hours of operation.
  4. Do you ship to international locations?
    • We ship to the 48 continental states, Alaska, Hawaii, and all provinces of Canada.
    • We do not ship directly to other international locations. However, we will be glad to ship your item to a trans-shipper / freight-forwarder of your choice, located in the continental U.S.
  5. Can the item be shipped to an address that is different than my billing address?
    • Yes, however any address that we ship to MUST be on file with your credit card issuer.
    • To add an alternative shipping address to your credit card file, you have to contact the customer service number on the back of your credit card and ask them to add an alternative shipping address to your credit card file. In this case, your order must be placed by phone and the order processing time may increase due to the verification process involved.

Receiving & Installation

  1. I just received my unit – why is my chimney white?
    • Your chimney is not white. It is covered by a protective film.
    • This film is designed to prevent scratches and should be removed after installation is complete.
  2. How is this range hood installed? Can I install it myself?
    • We always recommend the installation of the range hood to be performed by an experienced installer.
    • Installation manuals and other general manuals are available on the “Manuals” page.
  3. Do I need to install the airflow controller (damper) that is included with my range hood?
    • In most cases – no. Just because this controller is included with your product does NOT mean that you need to install it.
    • In United States, it is more common for the airflow controller to be installed at the END of your duct (to prevent any pollution from entering the duct from the outside).
    • If your airflow controller is installed at the end of the duct, then you should NOT install it inside your range hood.
  4. Should I tell my electrician to install an outlet, or have the range hood hardwired?
    • All Futuro Futuro range hoods are supplied with a US/Canada standard 110-volt, 3-pin power plug.
    • The range hood must be plugged into an outlet, NOT hardwired.
    • The power outlet should be located on a separate line, not shared with any other appliances, dimmable lights, or GFI outlets.
  5. Where should the electrical outlet be located?
    • Due to the variety of models (200+), as well as the varied installation requirements and local building codes across the United States and Canada, the exact location of the power outlet will vary on a case-by-case basis.
    • Please feel free to contact our Technical Department by phone at 1-718-236-1570 Option 2, and our factory-trained representatives will be glad to assist you.
  6. If my power cord plug is cut – why does my range hood have to be repaired at the central service center?
    • To determine the cause of a malfunction, service representatives need to use special equipment which require a plug to be connected in the system.
    • If the plug is cut off, only the central service center would be able to determine the exact cause of a malfunction.
    • Cutting off the power cord plug violates local building codes in most states and may create a hazardous environment in your kitchen. A professional electrician would never connect any electrical equipment directly to the power source. If the plug of your unit was cut off, there’s a big chance that installation was done by an unqualified installer. In this case, future malfunctions due to improper installation may arise.

Ductless (Recirculating) Installation

  1. Should I install my unit with a duct or in a ductless application?
    • For optimal performance, any range hood should be installed using a duct. The duct should be no smaller than the diameter of the duct output on the unit.
    • It is always recommended to use a solid metal duct. Flexible ducts are not recommended for range hood installations.
    • The duct run should not exceed 140 feet. Each elbow counts as 15 linear feet of ducting. Each transition (shape change) counts as 10 linear feet, since it produces turbulence as well, even if it’s straight.
    • The ductless option is designed to be used only in situations where running a duct is not possible (such as in high-rise buildings, condominiums, and co-ops). In a ductless application, you will have to use a carbon filter. This filter will clean the air from various odors and releases the cleaned air back into your kitchen through the vent holes that are located at the top of the chimney. There are several disadvantages with using a ductless application:
      • In a ductless application, the overall performance is decreased by an average of 30%;
      • You will be committed to replacing the carbon filters every 4-12 months (depending on cooking volume).
      • All of the heat and humidity producing during cooking will be released back into your kitchen.
      • Additional noise is generated when using the carbon filter.
    • If your range hood is installed in a ductless application, it is very important to keep the vent holes that are located at the top of the chimney exposed. If these vent holes are not exposed, there will be nowhere for the air to move and the unit will not function correctly.
  2. Do I need to use the carbon filters in a ducted application?
    • Absolutely not! If you are venting the air to the outside through a duct, you do NOT need to use a carbon filter. Using the carbon filter will noticeably reduce your performance and create additional noise.
  3. How often should I replace the carbon filters?
    • We recommend replacing the carbon filters every 3-6 months. However, the specific timeframe depends on the type and volume of cooking. Generally, when the carbon filter becomes saturated, you will notice a decrease in filtering performance, signaling that it’s time to replace the filter(s).
  4. Does the chimney height differ between ducted and ductless versions?
    • In most cases – no. However, some models do require a different minimum height for ductless installation, and are marked as such on each individual product page.
    • Please note that the chimney height can be modified below the specified minimum, and our Technical Department will be glad to assist your local contractor with step-by-step instructions.

Ceiling Height

  1. How high above my stove should the range hood be installed?
    • For optimal performance, your range hood should be installed between 26″ – 28″ above your cooktop. This distance depends on the size of the cooktop, volume of cooking, type of cooking, such as grilling (not recommended), and mounting application (island or wall-mount).
  2. Will this unit fit my ceiling height?
    • Most of the models that Futuro Futuro offers, have an adjustable (telescoping) chimney, which comes in 2 pieces (1 piece slides in inside the other to adjust the overall height).
    • Check the “Specifications” tab of any model page, for the dimensional information for that specific model.
    • Here is an example:
      • Ceiling height: 9’ (108″)
      • Countertop height: 36″
      • Distance above range: 28″
      • Model in question: Moon Crystal – Island
    • Ceiling height (108″) – countertop height (36″) – spacing from range to hood (28″) = 44″
    • So, the total height of the hood for this specific installation should be 44 inches. The Moon Crystal Island model can be adjusted from 28″ to 51″ – so it will fit this installation (with 7″ to spare, even).
  3. My ceiling is too high! Are there extensions available?
    • Extensions are available for both wall mount and island mount models.
    • Each model’s product page lists the available accessories for that model – if an extension is listed, it’s available. (If there is no extension listed, there are alternative solutions – please contact our Technical Department for a consultation).
    • All extensions are also listed in the “Accessories” category.
    • If your ceiling is too high, building a soffit box will solve the problem.
  4. My ceiling is too low! Is there anything I can do?
    • Yes. The chimney of most models can be reduced. This can be done by a handyman, by your installer or in a local metal shop.
    • Please contact us to determine if the model you are interested in can be reduced to your desired height.

 Cleaning & Maintenance

  1. How should I clean the stainless steel surface?
    • Stainless steel surfaces should be cleaned regularly to make sure that your hood will continue to look good. It is a good rule to use a soft damp cloth that has been wet in warm soapy water using a neutral detergent, making sure that you clean the steel following the direction of the satin steel finish.
    • Never use abrasive products; We also recommend using cleaning products specific for stainless steel that are available through retail outlets.
    • Futuro Futuro knows that getting the perfect result from cleaning steel is not always easy, and so has created Magic Steel, a special wipe impregnated with a blend of oils that thoroughly cleans steel and leaves it gleaming longer as well as creating an anti-fingerprint finish on treated surfaces.
    • Then there is FaSteel, Futuro Futuro’s new technologically advanced stainless steel that is used for the Excellence, Loft, Luxor, and Plane Top models. The cleaning problem has been eradicated once and for all because FaSteel is a pioneering anti-fingerprint steel that only needs to cleaned with a soft damp cloth!
  2. Is the glass difficult to clean?
    • Surprisingly, it is not. If you remember to always keep your range hood turned on while you cook, the greaseproof filters will capture all of the grease that is produced during cooking.
    • All you will have to do to clean the glass is use Windex or any other glass cleaning product to occasionally clean your glass.