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Model Name:

Long Life Carbon Filter - Flipper

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Model Name:

Long Life Carbon Filter - Flipper

 In stock

Futuro Futuro hoods can be installed ducted or ductless, but ducted is recommended. In challenging spaces, like high-rises or condos, use a carbon filter for odor-free recirculated air. Recharge annually in the oven at 350°F, up to twice in three years. Replace after the second recharge for best results. IMPORTANT: Compatible with Flipper Series hoods only. . . . View more


  • Depth
    16 3/4″
  • Height
  • Filter Type
    Combination charcoal metal mesh, reusable/rechargeable.
  • Exhaust Type
  • Country of Production
    Made in Italy


All Futuro Futuro range hoods offer the flexibility of installation in either ducted (exhausted to the outside) or ductless (recirculating) mode. While the ducted option is consistently recommended, there are instances where installing a duct is impractical, such as in high-rise buildings, numerous condominiums, and co-op apartments. In such scenarios, the range hood remains functional by employing a carbon filter. This filter effectively absorbs cooking odors, ensuring that the air is purified before being recirculated back into the kitchen. During typical use, it is essential to perform an annual "recharge" of the filter by heating it in the oven at 350°F for 60 minutes to eliminate moisture. This recharging process can be repeated up to two times, considering the filter's approximate lifespan of three years. After the second recharge, it is recommended to replace the filter for optimal performance.
IMPORTANT: This filter is compatible with Flipper Series hoods only.
For confirmation of product compatibility, kindly reach out to our Customer Service team either by phone at (800) 230-3565 ext 101 or via email at SKU: AC-CARB-FLIPPER
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