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Wall mount range hoods

Futuro Futuro wall range hoods are mounted to the wall above your cooktop, often between existing cabinetry, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Call us at 800-230-3565!

About Wall mount range hoods

Traditionally popular and found in kitchens throughout the decades, wall range hoods are efficient kitchen appliances that not only work to reduce pollutants like smoke, steam, and odors, but can also act as a stylistic accent. Often referred to as “chimney style” range hoods, wall range hoods are typically mounted to the wall above the range, or can sometimes be hidden within cabinetry. Whether you have a more conservative style or a penchant for the avant-garde, Futuro Futuro offers over 150 models of stylish, effective, and beautifully crafted Italian wall range hoods that use only the highest quality materials and represent the best of the company’s 30+ years of experience in building kitchen ventilation solutions. Chic and customizable, a high quality contemporary range hood can act as the finishing touch on your kitchen’s design. Futuro Futuro offers many sizes, styles, and designs to choose from, beginning with the sleek, tubular, and ultra-modern “Jupiter” collection of stainless steel range hoods and ending with the classic, country style range hoods inspired by and named for New England cities. All Futuro Futuro’s kitchen range hoods are built from the highest-grade AISI 304 stainless steel, and many contain durable, tempered glass panels as well. These modern range hoods can be ordered ducted or ductless, dependent on your kitchen’s current build. Futuro Futuro’s designer range hoods feature three or more air flow speeds that range from 150 to 940 CFM and intuitively prevent negative pressure issues. These unique range hoods are outfitted with LED or halogen lights, and either an electric or touch-sensitive, built-in control panel, depending on your model. Futuro Futuro’s wall mount range hoods boast not only a stunning form, but provide top-of-the-line functionality as well. With cutting-edge air ventilation technology, air pollutants like smoke, steam, and odors are quickly and efficiently suctioned out of the air before they get a chance to disperse throughout your kitchen. In addition, the exhaust hood maintains whisper quiet noise levels while it works, thanks to Futuro Futuro’s innovative blower and exclusive sound absorbing technology. Each of these powerful range hoods are equipped with programmed cleaning reminders, dishwasher-safe removable filters, and a delayed shut-off function that keeps the ventilation hood powered on until all odors and impurities have been removed from the air, allowing users to focus their attention elsewhere after cooking. The exteriors of all of these wall mount range hoods can be easily wiped down with your favorite steel or glass cleaner, depending on the exhaust hood’s body composition. Futuro Futuro offers a variety of accessories that accommodate special circumstances and enhance the impressive capabilities of these luxury range hoods even further to uniquely customize your ventilation hood to your needs. Customers with high ceilings may purchase a chimney extension that adds extra length to your range hood, allowing for perfect placement above your cooktop. Even though Futuro Futuro has some of quietest range hoods on the market, customers have the option to add a duct silencer or a remote blower kit, both of which identify innovative solutions to eliminate noise almost entirely. All Futuro Futuro ventilation hoods come with a one year US standard and two year parts warranty. Futuro Futuro is also happy to work with customers who may need their range hood modified to accommodate local ordinances for free of charge. Our knowledgeable consultants are standing by to answer questions that may arise before purchase, during installation, or during daily use. Please call 800-230-3565 (toll-free inside US) or 718-236-1570 (outside US) to speak to someone today, or you can also send us a message via our “Contact Us” page, and we’ll be glad to assist with your design or installation challenge. Expertly crafted for excellence, Futuro Futuro wall mount range hoods are the perfect combination of contemporary style and proficient functionality.

Unique wall range hoods

Serving as both an artful accent piece and a powerful kitchen appliance, Futuro Futuro’s Murano Collection are comprised of exquisitely designed glass and are illuminated from the inside for a beautiful and bright look.

Contemporary wall range hoods

From cozy household kitchens to high-end professional culinary spaces, contemporary range hoods not only serve as functional kitchen appliances, but as decorative accent pieces. Futuro Futuro offers a selection of sleek, geometric range hood designs, sure to please even the most strict architect or designer. From the clean simple lines of the “Positano” model, to the illuminated-glass effect of the “Luxor”, to the incredibly slim bodies of the “Razor” and “Streamline” models, Futuro Futuro has the kitchen ventilation designs that make modern kitchens truly shine.

Dual range hoods

All Futuro Futuro range hoods can be paired to provide effective ventilation over a large cooktop or range. This approach has several benefits compared to using a single oversized hood, including a wider stylistic selection, easier installation, increased ventilation, additional lighting, and a more artful appearance. In addition, many models offer the optional addition of a panel made from glass, metal, or another suitable material. This optional capture panel can aid with smoke and odor capture performance, and can be manufactured by your local shop.

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