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Ductless Range Hoods

Almost all Futuro Futuro range hoods can be installed in either ducted or ductless mode. In ductless installation, the standard metal filters remove grease, and then additional charcoal filters absorb odors. Call us at 800-230-3565!

About Ductless Range Hoods

Ductless Range Hoods

Ductless range hoods provide kitchen ventilation in situations where it’s too inconvenient, too expensive, or outright impossible (due to code or building restrictions) to run a ventilation duct to the outside.

If the hood is not ducted to the outside, it’s referred to as a “ductless range hood” or “recirculating range hood”, or sometimes “ventless range hood”.

All Futuro Futuro range hoods (including customizable models such as the Insert/Liner) can be used in ducted or ductless mode. In a ductless installation, the standard metal filters remove the grease, and then additional charcoal filters (“carbon filters”) absorb the odors. Finally, the cleaned air is released back into the kitchen, through ventilation slots at the top of the chimney (in case of island range hoods) or through the same vents or the exposed top of the chimney itself (wall range hoods).

Partially Ducted Range Hoods

In some kitchens, even if you can’t duct to the outside, you can still run a short duct to another part of the kitchen, or end it close to a window. This helps to remove the excess heat & moisture from the cooking area, making it more comfortable for the chef, and promotes air circulation around the room.

Charcoal Filters

For ductless installations, you’ll need another type of filter besides the factory-equipped metal filters that grab the airborne grease particles. This is the “carbon filter” or “charcoal filter”, a plastic cassette filled with granules of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has millions of tiny pores that trap odor particles and other pollutants. The terms “charcoal filter”, “carbon filter”, “activated charcoal filter”, and “ductless filter” are completely interchangeable.

Replacing Charcoal Filters

Note that unlike the dishwasher-safe metal filters, the charcoal filters are not washable. Once the filter is totally saturated and won’t capture odors anymore, it needs to be replaced – not only because of the odor capture, but because a clogged filter will reduce airflow and cause worse performance as well as shorten the lifespan of the blower.

Ductless Filter Types

Note that there are a few different types of charcoal filters – square, round, and special. Most of our range hoods are equipped with either the “square” or the “6-inch round” type filters. The correct replacement filters are listed in the “Accessories” tab of each range hood model on our website. If your range hood is over 12 years old, or you’re not sure what the model is, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you find the right filter.

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