Wireless Remote Control Kit

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The Wireless Remote Control Kit allows you to operate your range hood from a remote location, independently from the existing control panel.

Includes handheld remote unit and internal receiver module.

Functions include: blower on/off, all blower speeds, lights on/off, delayed shut-off.

Works at distances up to 100 feet or more.

Unlike infrared remote controls, does not require "line of sight".

Compatible only with Futuro Futuro range hoods.

PLEASE NOTE: Wireless Remote Control has to be ordered ONLY together with a range hood, and installed in Futuro Futuro facility, by Futuro Futuro technicians BEFORE the range hood is shipped.

Will be installed at no additional charge for the labor. Your new range hood will be shipped with the remote control included.

To ensure product's compatibility, please contact our Customer Service by phone at (800) 230-3565 ext 101, or by E-mail [email protected]