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Designer Italian Kitchen Range Hoods
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Island Range Hoods

Futuro Futuro island range hoods are suspended from the ceiling over your island cooktop and serve as both an accent piece and a powerful ventilation appliance. Call us at 800-230-3565!

About Island Range Hoods

Whether you’re building an entirely new home, or renovating an existing kitchen, a Futuro Futuro center island range hood gives your kitchen a more spacious feel while dually serving as a visually intriguing decorative piece. Futuro Futuro offers over 100 models of stylish, effective, and beautifully crafted Italian island range hoods that use only the highest quality materials and represent the best of the company’s 30+ years of experience in building kitchen ventilation solutions. From the sleek, futuristic shape of the stainless steel range hoods in the “Jupiter” series to the stunning colored glass designs within the “Murano” collection, Futuro Futuro offers top of the line, contemporary range hoods in a variety of styles and sizes to fit over any island cooktop. All Futuro Futuro’s kitchen range hoods are built from the highest-grade AISI 304 stainless steel and glass panels that have been tempered for durability. These modern range hoods can be ordered ducted or ductless, dependent on your kitchen’s current build. These designer range hoods feature three or more air flow speeds that range from 150 to 940 CFM and intuitively prevent negative pressure issues. These unique range hoods are outfitted with LED or halogen lights, and an electric or touch-sensitive, built-in control panel. Due to an island range’s central location within the kitchen, smoke, steam and odors are often circulated more easily throughout your culinary space than if the range was situated against a wall. But with Futuro Futuro’s cutting-edge air ventilation technology, these air pollutants are quickly and efficiently suctioned out of the air before they get a chance to disperse. In addition, the exhaust hood maintains whisper quiet noise levels while it works, thanks to Futuro Futuro’s innovative blower and exclusive sound absorbing technology. Along with these high quality materials and convenient features, these ceiling range hoods were designed with easy care and simple maintenance in mind. Each of these powerful range hoods are equipped with programmed cleaning reminders, dishwasher-safe removable filters, and a delayed shut-off function that keeps the ventilation hood powered on until all odors, grease, and impurities have been removed from the air, allowing users to focus their attention elsewhere after cooking. The exteriors of all of these island mount range hoods can be easily wiped down with your favorite steel or glass cleaner, depending on the exhaust hood’s body composition. Futuro Futuro offers optional accessories that extend the impressive capabilities of these luxury range hoods even further, making your range hood uniquely customized to your needs. Customers with vaulted ceilings may benefit from an Island Chimney Extension, which helps situate your new range hood at an ideal height above your island range. While Futuro Futuro range hoods are extremely quiet when working, you can ensure a completely silent performance by purchasing a remote blower kit, which allows users to remove excess noise by relocating the blower to another space. Visit our accessories page to view all products and ways to enhance your range hood. Futuro Futuro is also happy to work with customers who may need their range hood modified to accommodate local ordinances for free of charge. Note that residents of Toronto, Vancouver, Minnesota, and California may require a more limited CFM or a “Make-Up Air System” to compensate for the air extracted by the exhaust hood. Please reach out with the details of your situation, and our technical department will be glad to assist. Our knowledgeable consultants are standing by to answer questions that may arise before purchase, during installation, or during daily use. Please call 800-230-3565 (toll-free inside US) or 718-236-1570 (outside US) to speak to someone today, or you can also send us a message via our “Contact Us” page, and we’ll be glad to assist with your design or installation challenge. Stylish, powerful, and customizable to your individual needs, a Futuro Futuro island mount range hood is a high quality appliance unparalleled in its field.

Unique island range hoods

Featured within Futuro Futuro’s collection of unique island range hoods is the “Murano” line, which showcases designer glass range hoods with durable, stainless steel fixtures. These luxury range hoods are illuminated from the inside to create a stunning visual effect and contain cutting-edge ventilation technology. Blurring the line between appliance, light source, and decoration, the “Murano Collection” offers exclusive kitchen range hoods that are both beautiful and powerful.

Slim island range hoods

For minimalist and modern style kitchens, Futuro Futuro offers the “Streamline” and “Jupiter” lines, which contain a wide selection of sleek range hood models. Featuring impossibly thin edges or a futuristic tubular shape, these stainless steel range hoods are ultra-contemporary and available in multiple colors and sizes. Many customers choose to pair two of these slim range hoods together over their island range, to both aid in air filtration performance and for a more balanced look.

Glass range hoods for islands

Ever popular and complementary to many different styles, glass island range hoods provide effective ventilation performance without blocking the view. Futuro Futuro’s selection of glass range hoods includes the popular “Acqualina”, “Moon Crystal”, and “Luxor” lines, as well as dozens of other models that feature stainless steel and glass builds. The interplay of tempered glass and stainless steel is an attractive combination, and both materials are easy to keep clean.

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