Carbon Filter – Square 2-pack

Carbon Filter – Square 2-pack

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All Futuro Futuro range hoods can be installed in either ducted (exhausted to the outside) or ductless (recirculating) mode.

Although ducted application is always recommended, sometimes it is simply impossible to install a duct – for example, in high-rise buildings, many condominiums and co-op apartments. In such situations, the range hood can still be used, together with a carbon filter that will absorb cooking odors and return the cleaned air to the kitchen.

All carbon filters require replacement after approximately 2-3 months of using, depending on your cooking conditions and frequency.
Mounting hardware is included.

Square Carbon Filter cartridges are sold as a set of two, while just one filter has to be used at a time.

Compatible with:
Acqualina Glass / Acqualina Inox Series
Capri Series
Edge Series
Europe Series
Evolution Series
Flora Series
Idea Series
Integra Series
Leola Series
Lineare Series
Luxor Series
Marino Series
Magnus Series
Minimal Series
Moon Crystal / Moon Inox Series
Mystic Glass / Mystic Inox Series
Positano Series
Rainbow Series
Razor Series
Shade Series
Solaris Series
Spirit Series
Streamline Series
Venice Series
Wave Series

If you’re not sure which type of carbon filter your range hood model requires, please contact our Customer Service by phone at (800) 230-3565 ext 101 or by E-mail [email protected]

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Filter Type

Charcoal, non-rechargeable

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Ductless only

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