Range Hood FAQ – Custom Range Hoods & Inserts

A beautiful range hood is the centerpiece of the kitchen. It instantly defines the cooking area as the center of activity. The range hood can bring together the colors and designs of the countertop, cabinetry, backsplash, and wall coverings. There are many types of range hoods, made from a variety of materials and with a dazzling array of shapes & designs. Contemporary, modern, traditional – there’s a range hood to fit almost any kind of kitchen design and cooking equipment.

Custom range hoods can truly showcase the unique taste of the homeowner, and become the crowning glory of a kitchen remodel. Hammered copper, plaster or stone, wood and other natural materials – the possibilities are limited only by the imagination (and budget, of course!).

The range hood insert (sometimes called a “power pack”) is the heart of a custom range hood. This is a manufactured, “off-the-shelf” range hood without the finished outer shell, that’s designed to be built into a cabinet or a custom hood enclosure. With a range hood insert, there’s no need to mess around with separate blower motors, filters, lights, electronics, controls, and wiring – it’s already set up & ready to go!

Futuro Futuro offers a selection of range hood products to fit a variety of hood/cabinet sizes. All of our customizable range hoods are equipped with powerful yet whisper-quiet blowers (from 800 to 1800 CFM), electronic controls, dishwasher-safe filters, and eco-friendly lighting systems.

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