How to Choose a Kitchen Hood?

By | December 1, 2017

How to Choose a Kitchen Hood?


When you are designing your kitchen, it is significant to consider the most appropriate appliances to install. You should ensure that your kitchen is sleek while fully functional. Aside from standard appliances like stoves and refrigerators, you should consider picking a kitchen hood for your kitchens.

No matter how small or large your kitchen is, a kitchen hood is essential various reasons. When you cook, residues including grease, smoke, and other particles are produced. Ensuring a proper ventilation in your kitchen through a kitchen hood will neutralize the smell of your kitchen.

In this article, we are going to discuss ways on how to choose a kitchen hood. Moreover, we are going to present several benefits of installing such appliance in your kitchens. A selection of the most efficient kitchen hoods will also be presented to provide you a set of options.

What are the benefits of having a kitchen hood?

It is important to note the advantages of using a kitchen hood. By considering these benefits, you could be guided accordingly in choosing the most appropriate appliance for your kitchen.

  • Kitchen hoods keep kitchens clean.

Kitchen hoods, otherwise known as range hoods, helps in keeping your kitchen clean. It will move all the particles which have formed out of the room. This ensures users that unpleasant odors and smoke are removed while you are cooking. Without kitchen hoods, particles will most likely stick on your walls, making it more difficult to clean.

  • Kitchen hoods provide extra light.

Most kitchen hoods are equipped with a lighting system that illuminates the space where you are cooking. This is essential especially in ensuring that you are safe in the food preparation.

  • Kitchen hoods decrease the temperature of the kitchen.

Such appliances are significant in keeping the temperature of the kitchen fresh. They help remove excess heat and moderates the coolness of the kitchen by regulating the ventilation.

Moreover, carbon monoxide, a harmful gas which could contribute to the increased heat in the kitchen and could potentially cause poisoning, is also removed through kitchen hoods.

How to choose the most appropriate kitchen hood?

Several kitchen hoods may provide the right features which are needed for your homes. Before attempting to decide on the ideal kitchen hood, it is necessary to identify particular elements that would ensure your equipment’s capability when utilized. Here are some of the traits of a kitchen hood which you should take into consideration.

  • Size

When considering the size of the kitchen hood, you should take note of the surface area of your cooktop. While it is not a requirement, the size of the kitchen hood should relatively match that of the cooktop so that the particles that are released will be caught in the hood before they gravitate to different parts of the kitchen.

Moreover, consider that the size of the kitchen hood should be proportionate to the kitchen size. It would not be aesthetically appealing if you buy a large hood for a relatively small kitchen. Make sure that the dimensions where the kitchen hood will be placed are measured before purchasing one.

  • Fan Power

The power of the kitchen hood is dependent on the size of the kitchen space. A more expansive kitchen space requires a much powerful hood so that the air will be cleaned thoroughly while preventing the spread of strong odors. Consider choosing the range hood that is powerful enough to clean the air in your kitchens in more than eight times each hour.

Measuring the power of the hood should be done using CFMs or cubic feet per minute. For hoods that are attached to the walls, the power should be around 100 CFM. For island vent hoods, the power should be around 150 CFM. This ensures that your kitchen hoods are equipped with sufficient power to effectively do its job.

  • Type of Ventilation

Kitchen hoods can be categorized based on the presence of ducts. Some hoods consist of ducts that move air outside, allowing ventilation to occur. On the other hand, some hoods are ductless, so they take in as much air that they could take in and filter the smoke and other particles before circulating the air back to the kitchen.

Ideally, ducted kitchen hoods have shown better effects than ductless ones. However, in certain buildings where building ducted hoods are prohibited, you may opt for the ductless equipment. They are practically easier to install than the former kind.

Whichever you choose, it is worth noting that you should clean your kitchen hoods and replace the old filters to keep it fully functional.

  • Appearance

It may not be a necessity, but you could consider the appearance of the kitchen hood before purchasing one. Look for the appliance with the aesthetic that suits your preference. Moreover, choose the look that would suit your kitchen. You do not want a vintage-looking hood when your kitchen screams modern and fresh.

It is worth noting that such kitchen hoods should not only be visually appealing, but they should also perform well. Do not choose a kitchen hood just because they look good. Choose something that meets functionality and visual beauty.

  • Noise

Many of these hoods are going to be noisy. Hence, you have to choose the quiet kitchen hoods to avoid disruption. Choose the brand that would work by drawing air to the edges of the hood. They are usually the hoods that are quieter.

Futuro Futuro Kitchen Hoods

The reputation of the brand should be considered when looking for your appliance. Usually, famous brands offer more efficient hoods. For a catalog of the best kitchen hoods, you may visit Futuro Futuro. They offer over a hundred efficient yet affordable appliances for your kitchens. Here are some of the best kitchen hoods that could be found from the website.  

  • 36″ Streamline Wall Range Hood

This kitchen hood is attached to the wall above the range. Its integrated light provides a dynamic component to the kitchen by accentuating the working environment. It provides an ideal finishing touch for contemporary kitchens. Other features of the kitchen hood includes a filter cleaning reminder, dishwasher-safe filters, and an internal blower.

  • 36″ Acqualina Glass Island Range Hood

This model by Futuro Futuro is designed to provide ventilation on ranges that are found on a kitchen island. It features a sleek glass panel and a dynamic shape, for a modern-looking kitchen hood for contemporary kitchens. It also includes high-efficiency LED lights, dishwasher-safe filters, and a delayed shut-off system.

  • 22″ Insert-Liner Baffle LED Wall Range Hood

This kitchen hood provides a minimalist design since it is hidden inside a cabinet, blending with the rest of the furniture. It features a powerful yet quiet blower, energy-efficient LED-lights, and dishwasher-safe filters. Because its parts are pre-assembled and pre-wired, installing it on your kitchens is relatively easy to do.

The kitchen hood is one of the most necessary items in the kitchen, especially if the kitchen is small. When you have a relatively small kitchen, knowing the ways on how to make it compact and functional in order to place your kitchen hood well is rather essential.

Kitchen hoods are essential components in a kitchen. While they may be costly, you are ensured of their efficiency in keeping your kitchens clean and pollution-free. With plenty of models on the market, you will not run out of options to choose from.

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