New Arrival: Leola Black & Leola White Glass-Fronted Range Hoods

By | June 11, 2017
Designer Island Range Hood - "Leola White" - Futuro Futuro brand

Designer Island Range Hood – “Leola White” – Futuro Futuro brand

Designer Island Range Hood - "Leola Black" - Futuro Futuro brand

Designer Island Range Hood – “Leola Black” – Futuro Futuro brand










New for 2017: contemporary glass-fronted range hoods with touch-sensitive optical control panels, for a futuristic and sleek look.

The “Leola” series range hoods take kitchen ventilation technology to new heights, with a slim design that includes a thin accent light strip.

Available in 36″ island-mount version, with snow-white or jet-black glass, these hoods are perfect for contemporary kitchens, especially those equipped with glass induction cooktops, and handle-less cabinets.


  • Sleek 2″ thick hood body, with glass front & back panels.
  • New-generation carbon-polymer blower motor – 940-CFM airflow & ultra-quiet.
  • Energy-efficient fluorescent lights – 2x work lights + 2x illumination effect strips
  • Height-adjustable chimney (26″ – 49″).
  • Dishwasher-safe filters, with Electronic Filter Cleaning Reminder feature.
  • 24-Hour “Clean Air” feature.

Like all other range hoods in Futuro Futuro’s collection, the Leola series hoods are designed and made in Italy, from the highest-grade AISI 304 stainless steel with a micro-polished finish. They’re equipped with energy-efficient fluorescent lights for smooth & even illumination of the entire cooktop. The touch-sensitive optical control panel has no moving parts, and as a result is easy to clean and adds to the futuristic aspect of the design.

The distinctive feature of this model is the lighting effect strip. It adds a futuristic effect while making the hood look even thinner than its already-impressive 2″ thickness. Another innovation is the “Clean Air” feature. When activated, it runs the blower at the lowest speed for 15 minutes, then shuts off for an hour. This helps to continuously remove airborne pollutants and bring in fresh outside air (due to the pressure differential).

Powered by a new generation blower motor that’s whisper quiet but provides airflow of up to 940 CFM, the Leola series range hoods perform as great as they look.

Available June 2017. Visit the product pages on Futuro Futuro’s website for complete product information, including pricing & specifications:

P.S. Looking for a wall-mount version? Check out the 36″ Edge Black Wall and 36″ Edge White Wall models.

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