New Eco-Friendly Range Hood Blower Technology

By | May 31, 2017

MIAMI, Florida, May 31, 2017 – Futuro Futuro, the premier manufacturer & direct distributor of Italian designer kitchen ventilation hoods, is adding another eco-friendly technology to its production portfolio.

Although the kitchen appliance industry as a whole isn’t particularly famous for a focus on environmentally-friendly technologies, companies like Futuro Futuro aim to make an exception. By automating the production process, using renewable energy, and implementing energy-efficient lighting and electronics components, Futuro Futuro creates kitchen ventilation products that reduce the carbon footprint while providing superior style and function.

New for 2017, a completely redesigned blower motor makes an appearance in several model lines, with more to come.

The new blower features:

  • A futuristic enclosure made from high-performance polymer compound materials, that offers superior temperature resistance and noise reduction capability.
  • Enclosure material is carbon-impregnated and mineral-filled, resulting in lower environmental impact during production, as well as improved vibrational stability compared to traditional metal enclosures.
  • Impeller blade design based on thousands of hours of airflow modeling, that produces higher airflow at lower power consumption than previous designs.
  • Sealed bearing system with 4th-generation synthetic lubricants, to assure low levels of outgassing and noise, and significant increase in the service life of the motor.

The new blower design joins other innovations such as energy-efficient LED lighting, low-power-consumption electronics, and perimeter suction filters, in Futuro Futuro’s portfolio of ecology-driven technological breakthroughs.

About Futuro Futuro:

Futuro Futuro designs and manufactures over 200 models of design-conscious, high-quality kitchen ventilation products for a variety of residential kitchen environments, including modern and contemporary models that combine authentic Italian craftsmanship, advanced technology, and cutting-edge design.

The company is uniquely positioned to offer Italian kitchen ventilation products to the US and Canada market, with a design & production facility in north Italy and a nationwide US distribution network, including direct Internet sales channels (

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