Range Hood Design Showcase: Custom Hoods & Range Hood Inserts

By | June 5, 2015

Even though designer stainless-steel range hoods remain the most popular option for kitchen ventilation today, there’s another trend that’s gaining popularity: using a “range hood insert” along with a custom-made cabinet or enclosure.

A “range hood insert” is a range hood without the outer shell, that’s designed to provide all the technological benefits of a stand-alone hood, but meant to be installed inside an enclosure. Range hood inserts are typically priced much lower than full-size hoods, and are usually more compact.

It’s not always easy to find the right range hood for a kitchen design. Although we offer over 200 models of Italian-made hoods, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, well, sometimes you’ve just got to have something completely unique and personalized. We understand, and that’s why we also offer a selection of hood inserts that provide a reliable, powerful technological solution to kitchen ventilation, while letting your imagination roam free to design the perfect cabinet or enclosure.

Here’s a compilation of kitchen design ideas featuring hood inserts inside a stunning variety of cabinets, from mild to wild. There is no limit to the creativity of these kitchens!

Mediterranean-Inspired Traditional Kitchen

In this Mediterranean-inspired kitchen by Cameo Kitchens Inc, the glazed finish of the maple cabinets complements the texture of the custom Coventry wood hood. The color of the hood echoes the color of the center island base cabinets, and the overall look of the borders and 3D applique on the hood enclosure complements the pilasters and borders of the wall cabinets. View more details on Cameo’s Houzz profile, or visit their website.


Elegant 2-Tone Traditional Kitchen

The understated elegance of this traditional kitchen by Chicago’s TZS Design (Houzz profile) is crowned with a custom 2-tone hood, whose bold diagonal curves stand out against the straight lines of the cabinetry. The top part of the hood is color-matched to the floor, while the bottom blends color-wise with the cabinets.


traditional-kitchen (1)

Zinc Range Hood in Rustic Maine Kitchen

Stainless steel and copper aren’t the only metals allowed in the kitchen. Zinc is an alternative material that is warmer than stainless steel, color-wise, and will naturally darken and develop a patina over time. Designed by Nicola Manganello of Nicola’s Home (Houzz profile), this rustic kitchen in Portland, Maine offers a warm and inviting space, with plenty of light. The hood is simply ideal for the space, keeping the geometric lines intact but with a few subtle artisan accents to spice it up a bit.

Zinc hood in Maine contemporary kitchen

Zinc hood in Maine contemporary kitchen - closeup

Traditional Kitchen with Stone Hood

Stone is another material that takes some careful consideration, but in the hands of a talented designer, can become an inspired masterpiece. Playing off the metal-studded beam, this stone-tiled hood is finished off with a copper border featuring its own antique-style overlay hinges. Very Casterly Rock, very cool. Designed by Stadler Custom Homes (Houzz profile).

Stone tile hood with metal hinge plates


Lavish Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Since the cooking area is the focal point of the kitchen, activity-wise, why not make it the main point of attraction as well? In this Mediterranean-themed kitchen, also by Stadler, the hood enclosure is continued up to the ceiling, and finished off with a dramatic clock face and a gold-tone tile ribbon. Beautiful and useful!



Japanese Themed Minimalist Modern Kitchen

The hood, dark wood, hangs
In Japanese themed kitchen
Elegance = timeless


Minimalist kitchen = minimalist poetry. Kitchen by Mueller Nicholls | Houzz profile.

Beach Style / Nautical Kitchen

For our next kitchen design idea, let’s visit southwest England. This nautical-themed kitchen is designed by Stephen Graver (Houzz profile), and features tongue-and-groove paneling that resembles the hulls of the ships of British Empire’s heyday. The nautical theme is reinforced by the choice of colors – white, wood, and subtle blue.

The custom-built range hood features hull-like curves, and a thin stainless-steel ribbon with meticulously spaced rivets, another nod to the English shipbuilding heritage. A stainless-steel backsplash, also riveted, is a functional and elegant finishing touch to the cooking area.

Beach Style Kitchen

Beach Style Kitchen detail


As you can see, custom range hoods offer unlimited possibilities. Whether stone or copper, lavish or understated, massive or elegant, there’s a solution for every kitchen style, location, and budget.

But no matter what’s on the outside, the hood still requires a powerful, reliable ventilation insert. All Futuro Futuro range hood inserts are made in Italy from the highest-grade AISI 304 stainless steel, equipped with a 940-CFM ultra-quiet blower motor, and come complete with a wireless remote control and dishwasher-safe filters.

They’re available in several sizes to accommodate a variety of designs, and can even be paired up to provide more ventilation power for oversized projects.





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