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New York – The City That Never Sleeps. And never stops cooking!

NYC is a chef’s paradise – dozens of gourmet food stores offering fresh meat, poultry, handmade pasta, spices, fruits & vegetables from around the world, and everything else you’d need to get creative in the kitchen.

Of course, eating out is always an option – NYC has got you covered, from world-famous (literally) pizza to exquisite restaurants to prêt-à-manger places to street carts. Millions of choices from every cuisine in the world, available any day, anytime.

But nothing beats making an amazing meal in your own kitchen. There’s a dozen reasons to cook at home rather an eat out:

  1. Developing and sustaining healthy eating habits. When you make your own food, you decide how much butter, oil, sugar, and salt is to be used – and have the option to select alternatives, such as Nu-Salt or Bragg’s Organic Aminos instead of blood-pressure-raising table salt, mashed avocado instead of butter, Stevia instead of sugar, and so on.
  2. Choosing organic, sustainable, fair-trade ingredients. When you shop for groceries yourself, you can let your conscience and your health concerns be your guide.
  3. Home cooking is better for the environment. It takes more than double the energy to process, package, and transport food, than it take to grow it. (Especially frozen food – it takes energy to freeze it, keep it frozen during transportation, and then even more energy to cook it). Cooking at home saves electricity, water, and other resources.
  4. Budgeting. It’s expensive to eat out, so putting that money toward high-quality ingredients (and probably still saving some) is a better idea.
  5. Teaching kids how to cook. You know what kids order when you go out to eat – chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, hot dogs, etc – most restaurants have a “kids menu” that would give any nutritionist a heart attack. Better alternative: involve your kids in the cooking process, teaching them valuable life skills and giving them a feeling of independence & accomplishment, and have them eat food that’s delicious and healthy.
  6. Family Time. Cooking and eating as a family is an excellent way to de-stress, catch up, and spend some time together.
  7. Honing your own cooking skills. Practice makes perfect, and the more you cook, the better you get. Plus, it’s so much fun to discover new ingredients, techniques, and flavor combinations!
  8. Preserve nutritional value. Everybody knows that the more processed a food is, the less nutritious it becomes. But most people don’t realize just how dramatic that difference is – freezing loses 30% of Vitamin C and 10% of potassium, and reheating already-cooked food loses up to 45% of Vitamins C and B12. When you cook at home using fresh ingredients, you’re getting the best “nutritional value for the money”.
  9. Building healthy eating habits. Many research studies show that people who cook at home consume fewer calories, less sodium, less saturated fat, and more fiber. From Harvard School of Public Health to Cornell University’s Division of Nutritional Sciences, dozens of scientists will tell you that one of the biggest changes you can make for your health is to change your eating habits, and prepare more food at home.
  10. Home-cooked food tastes better. When was the last time you had a memorable frozen pizza? Exactly. Even if your cooking skills are mediocre, it’s a pretty sure bet that whatever comes out of your kitchen will taste better than something that came out of a box.
  11. Less risk. When eating out or using pre-processed foods, it’s almost impossible to avoid artificial flavorings and preservatives. Cooking at home is so much safer, and as a bonus, you avoid the health risks from less-than-perfectly-clean restaurant kitchens.
  12. Last but not least, it’s FUN! Cooking is a creative, artistic process that lets you put a variety of skills to good use – with tasty results!

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to cook at home – and New York has the selection of ingredients to help you fulfill any culinary fantasy.

Need pasta? Raffetto’s, Piemonti, Di Palo’s, Alleva, and Terranova are just a few of the many selections in Manhattan. Eataly is the world’s largest Italian specialty store. Brooklyn’s got you covered with Pastosa Ravioli, Un Posto Italiano, Annabelle’s Pastaria, Russo’s, and many others.

Meats – check out Honest Chops, Dickson’s Farmstand, and Fleischer’s (Manhattan); Staubitz, G. Esposito & Sons, and The Meat Hook in Brooklyn. Bratwurst fiends, make a separate note of Schaller & Weber. These are just some of our “staff picks”, there’s more meat shops in New York than could be covered in a post entirely dedicated to the subject, much less a paragraph.

NYC is also The City That’s Never Bland. With over 150 nationalities living in the 5 boroughs, you’ll never lack for herbs & spices available from the International Grocery, Kalustyan’s, and The Spice Corner in Manhattan, Sahadi’s and Radicle in Brooklyn, and Patel Brothers in Queens, as well as the multitude of specialty stores throughout the city.

Fruits & vegetables? Fuhgeddaboutit! Between powerhouses like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Union Market, Zabar’s, and Fairway Market, and independent greengrocers “by the dozen”, New York City is the place to find the biggest variety of the freshest fruits and veggies, from the everyday to the exotic.

Cooking at home is an incredible prospect if you live in New York. But what about all the negatives? Hot air, grease, and lingering smells are the bane of the home chef. Well, there’s a solution – a high-quality kitchen range hood!

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