The Silent System is the perfect complement to the patented sound-absorbing motor chamber technology that is standard on all Futuro Futuro stainless-steel range hoods.

Includes a multi-layer flexible duct ("silencer"), which reduces noise without affecting the airflow.

The Silent System kit is compatible with all Futuro Futuro range hoods in ducted configuration. Ductless configuration excludes the use of Silent System.

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Silent System
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  • Model Name:    Silent System

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  • Although Futuro Futuro range hoods feature low noise levels (0.5 to 3.2 sones), the Silent System kit provides an additional reduction in noise level.
  • Silent System is compatible with all Futuro Futuro range hoods that will be installed with an outside duct.
  • Recommended for heavy cooking conditions, users intending to run the range hood at higher-than-average speeds on a regular basis.
  • Includes multilayer insulated adjustable duct ("Silencer").
  • Easy to add during range hood installation, but can also be added to an existing range hood with an outside duct.
  • Made in Italy.
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